oh! canada

a tribute in stitches to to the natural beauty of that great land to our north.

to purchase pattern or view pattern information, please click here

shown on this page in cuddly soft artisan merino & silk, colorway end of winter
available from ball and skein; special discount available for those who have purchased patterns.

many thanks to judy, who created and supplied this amazing yarn. michelle, from the sweet sheep wool shoppe in canada, test knit the wrap and provided excellent suggestions. rachel, as always, gleefully questioned every word of the pattern to make sure it was thoroughly correct, for which i am incredibly grateful.

46 Responses to “oh! canada”

  1. Robin in VA says:

    Nice!!! Yet another project added to my queue! And you have such a handsome model!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    You are sneaky! I dropped by to see if you had added any mitt patterns, and wow! I love this wrap. David is a sweetheart. Beautiful, Anne.

  3. pat jarvis says:

    ANNE – wow david sure knows how to wear a man shawl – he looks great – you are so lucky to have some one in your life who appreciates your work and creativity and will wear it too

    pat j

  4. LynnH says:

    You amaze me! How you crank out so much, so fast, I don’t know how you do it. I have patterns that stall out (usually sizing issues). You have lace, for goodness sake… and you crank.

    I also echo the admiration of your model. Fine photos for a good number of reasons.

  5. Dianna says:

    Very handsome – the wrap, and the model. There is a certain attraction for a man comfortable enough in his own skin to wear a kilt, and the same goes for a man comfortable enough in his own skin to wear a man-shawl. Anne, you are truly a wizard of lace, shawls and wraps!

    Happy New Year to you and David!

  6. Heather says:

    Yay for Canada! Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to our Home and Native Land.

    Oh Canada, check. Cabled sweater, check. Leather gloves, check. Leather gloves?

  7. Shelagh says:

    Ooooh, hurray! I’ve got the pattern, where can I find out more about the yarn discount ;)?

    Thanks for another beauty. You are prolific AND talented! I was just working on my hypoteneuse…

  8. Gorgeous!!! I really love this pattern:)

  9. Michelle says:

    Congratulations. The pattern is beautiful and very well written. I can’t wait to finish mine!

  10. Catherine H says:

    well you’ve done it again! You succeeded in creating “man lace”. Lovely!

  11. Kim says:

    Lovely, lovely pattern….and David’s sweater is gorgeous!

  12. Sara says:

    Stunning! What can I say! The pattern, the yarn, and, of course, your model! 🙂

  13. Teyani says:

    Oh Canada is wonderful – and what a great photo shoot with David – reminds us all that these stoles are not just for women – very clever!
    It worked up into such a great blend of yarn color and design form.
    You just keep on crankin’ out those great patterns!! 🙂 One of these years, I hope I can catch up with my knitting and make them all.

  14. Judy says:

    Beautiful job, Anne. I’ve just started one for myself.

  15. Julia says:

    This is so beautiful, and looks even more so on your model! Stunning!

  16. Shannon B says:

    Hey, a Canada mention! I had to delurk to salute my Home and Native Land….and of course to flatter your knitting – nice.

  17. Erika says:

    Lovely! Nice model, too!

  18. Opal says:

    What a gorgeous wrap! I’m never going to catch up with all the beautiful patterns I want to knit from you if you keep this up. 😉

  19. Kathleen says:


    Your “Man Lace” patterns are pure genius!

    My husband loves his Hypotenuse Scarf and I think he would go for this one, too, in the right colors.

    Happy New Year!


  20. Rachel says:

    So Beautiful, Both! Happy new year to both of you.

  21. Vicki says:

    So gorgeous! You have done it again. Happy New Year to you both.

  22. Marianne says:

    Again a georgeous pattern ! 🙂
    A Hapy New Year to you both !!

  23. DebbieB says:

    David is really rocking that wrap. Lovely, Anne.

  24. marjorie says:

    That is just beautiful. And I can’t believe you said nothing about the lovely sweater lurking below Oh Canada. I’ve used that cable too, and it is fun to knit.

    As always, I appreciate your descriptions of small yarn suppliers. Your yarn choices are fabulous, and I would probably not find these vendors easily.

  25. jenne says:

    Beautiful wrap!! Now I know what I’ll be starting when I finish Cluranagh. David is a msot handsome model. Is the sweater one of yours? Are you selling the pattern?

  26. Carole says:

    It’s gorgeous, Anne. David doesn’t look too bad either. 😉

  27. Cheryl says:

    It’s beautiful! I love Judy’s yarns too.

  28. marianne says:

    Aye, once again I have been swept off my feet! I’ve been watching this one for quite some time and I’ve known all along just how Beautiful it would be… and David looks so very fetching all wrapped up :^)

  29. Terry says:

    Beautiful work! Amazing how you meld those ideas “brewing” in your mind w. beautiful knit stitch combos to make your patterns. And quite a few since the Irta’a! And, w. your David modeling, I think you both have started a new trend/thought in wearing wraps – beautiful, beautiful all around! ps- any detailed notes on the sweater David is wearing – I know you mentioned it briefly recently…Happy New Year to the both of you.

  30. Sue says:

    THAT is a gorgeous wrap! David looks awesome wearing it. Happy New Year to you both. I hope you have many many happy hours knitting and designing in 2008!

  31. Lorraine says:

    Anne- Boy, you couldn’t have got a better man to model some man lace- and we in the north are flattered to have such a wonderful lace tribute.

    Even if we are freezing our butts off-

    Happy New Year to you and yours-

  32. Anna says:

    Not again!! I have 2 of your projects on my needles, many more queued w/ yarn and everything ready to go and then you keep coming up with more! you’re killing me!

  33. Linda says:

    David looks amazing in Oh Canada. It looks so cozy, you may not be able to get it off him. Great job. I love all your patterns. I have several I’m waiting to get on my needles now. Happy New Year to all.

  34. Elaine says:

    What a beautiful scarf pattern and yarn! I’ve just been looking back at the red sweater you made last September and October and wondered if you plan to sell that pattern. I have now trained my husband and son to buy me gift certificates at my local yarn shop so I am thinking about my next project.

  35. Karen B. says:

    What a beautiful pairing of pattern and yarn! You’ve got quite the knack for envisioning how to make the best of both.

    All best to you and David in 2008! By the way, he looks abso smashing in those colors.

  36. Jocelyn says:

    Ooh — it was beautiful in the blocking shots, but David just really knows how to work it! Happy New Year’s Eve 🙂

  37. Gorgeous pictures! Is this the latest in the manlace series? Very masculine. (Although I suspect David would make a floral skirt look masculine.)

  38. Michelle says:

    Oh Canada is incredible! It is a perfect example of how yarn choice and color make the piece! I love love love the color combination.
    Happy New Year to you and your model 🙂
    I’d like to thank you once again for continuing to give me mental lists of things to do! 🙂

  39. Ursula says:

    INCREDIBLE! Another must have.
    Happy New Year.

  40. Marisol says:

    Wow yet another masterpiece. I will have to add this to my ever growing queue of Knitspot Lace patterns:) I have to cast on for Irtfa and finish my afghan first. Oh and then there is the Bee shawl and 2 pairs of socks. Must keep knitting…

  41. Maria says:

    I don’t know if I missed it, but what pattern did you use for David’s sweater. I have a guy that would love it!

  42. Helen says:

    Another absolutely gorgeous example of your fine knitting art modeled so beautifully Anne.
    Happy New Year to you both.

  43. Ronni says:

    I am going to have to re-prioritize my life I guess. There’s just too many things that simply have to be knit. This is just another in the growing queue of Knitspot patterns that have to get made eventually.

    Gotta finish my Christmas knitting first though. I’m counting on getting all 12 days which means I have a few more to go. Thank goodness.

  44. Josiane says:

    Wow, it really looks great on David! Beautiful work, as usual.

  45. Rosi G. says:

    Speechless. David is ROCKING that wrap!! that is HIS wrap!

    Good luck borrowing it!

  46. Tonia says:

    So lovely. It looks great on him.