Pavé sock and Dolomite sock

two new socks to wake up your winter knitting with textures that have a warm, cozy feel and make for fun, fast knitting.
both shown here in briar rose grandma’s blessing

to purchase patten or obtain more pattern information, please click here to visit the Pavé sock and Dolomite sock product pages in the knitspot pattern shop

17 Responses to “Pavé sock and Dolomite sock”

  1. Sandy says:

    Oooh, the Dolomite sock would be perfect for some handspun BFL I just finished! Beautiful socks!

  2. Frogdancer says:

    I love the pave sock. Yesterday I ordered 3 lots of sock yarn from England. Hmmmmm….

  3. Josiane says:

    I’ll never get tired of this zig zag stitch pattern! These pictures give me a better idea of what the Pavé sock looks like than the one you showed the other day. Really, both of these socks look great!

  4. Pamela says:

    The socks would be fun to make. I have a question for you. I am new at knitting lace (took a class) and would like to start with an easy pattern. Would you please suggest one of yours that wouldn’t be too hard? Thanks

  5. Marisol says:

    These are gorgeous Anne! I am really liking that pave pattern my DH!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I do love the way that zigzag pattern translated to socks! Lovely 🙂

  7. Beth S. says:

    I think I may have the perfect yarn for Dolomite! Must check when I get home and buy the pattern. 🙂

  8. Wanda J says:

    Oh! The Dolomite – for the W that I see. 🙂

    I have an elementary question that maybe would be fodder for a post sometime, I’ve searched the net to no avail:
    Yarn overs – are they wrapped differently for purl than knit? I’m making Gale with Smatterings, The Blues but am stymied by the YO before the purl stitches. I’m starting the fifth repeat and am trying to be consistent with direction. Love the pattern which is almost memorized, and Smatterings’ alpaca/silk blend.

  9. Debbie says:

    The socks are so great. I can’t wait to buy the pattern. I have a list a mile long of your patterns to buy. I was talking about you in a yarn shop in Brunswick, Maine, yesterday. The owner, Ellen, told me she had just ordered a bunch of your patterns! Yea! She also mentioned that the Spa was in Freeport this year. No one mentioned that! Freeport is only an hour from me! I had no idea it was there. Where do you find information on these events?

  10. knitnana says:

    Gorgeous, Both!!!

  11. Teyani says:

    both socks are lovely. (and now added to my list of future projects!)
    have fun in deep-snow country 🙂

  12. kerry says:

    Gorgeous socks! I really love the briar rose yarn you chose … really shows off the texture of the pattern to advantage.

  13. Ronni says:

    My tension changes too much if I listen to something exciting or stressful. I prefer not stressful. I’m not even sure I’d find changing to stressful listening to be worth it even if it enabled me to keep up, more or less, with your pattern production in my pattern knitting one or two or whatever behind. Well, maybe if I really could keep up…

  14. Angeluna says:

    Oh wow, the Pavé sock looks totally different on and off the leg, like two different patterns, both lovely.

  15. Dava says:

    Beautiful patterns, beautiful yarn! It’s…all so pornographic I feel a blush coming on…must go take a cold shower!

  16. Theresa in Italy says:

    The socks are lovely, I’ve just put them in the virtual basket (and will actually check out and buy them one day soon)! So glad to know you have had a good visit at home. I won’t be home myself till Christmas (hopefully) but the weekly phone calls are exciting enough—politics are very interesting this year!

  17. JudyMac says:

    Lovely socks 🙂 I like Pave the best…