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Fresh Lace our silk/linen yarn is a heavy 2-ply laceweight with a relaxed
twist that shows off the luster and drape of both fibers. Soft
and lovely to touch and knit with, the yarn still retains a bit of
satisfying crispness that belies its vegetable content. The stiff,
crunchy—even papery—quality of the flax fiber provides a
supporting structure or skeleton for the silk to turn on and
envelop in a lustrous cocoon.

The two fibers work together as a unit to form plump stitches
that remain airy, so that the fabric density never feels heavy.
The lightness of both fibers works wonderfully for large
scarves that float beautifully along the body’s curves. The
absorbency of the final fabric ensures that these garments
remain cool and comfortable in humid summer heat.

Suggested Knitspot Patterns: Ship and Shore, Bluejacket, Colors
Yardage: 756 yards

Weight: 100 g (4 oz)

6-8 sts/inch US 1-4 (2.25 mm) (3.5 mm) needles

Color: Natural

These are natural occurring colors, skeins will vary in color.

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Expecting delivery in early September.

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