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I made Luciole as a gift for my daughter. It started out well within my skill range, and I was feeling pretty darn smart until I got to the last 30 something rows of the hem. Those P2togtbl's were like acrobatic moves for my finger, but I did it, (I recommend using good sharp pointed circulars for this one). Also in the body of the shawl, when I hit those yo, ssk or k2tog clusters on the chart, for the top single yo, I had to overlap with the next repeat of the panel, take off and replace the marker between the yo and K2tog or ssk, to make it happen. That way I didn't run out of stitches in the panel. When I was done, and the shawl was blocked I saw those fabulous little fireflies along that hem that took me forever to do. It was all worth it, and I was impressed with myself. Making Luciole has improved my lace knitting skills immensely, and I am now doing Les Abeilles, which is a piece of cake in comparison. Knit Spot patterns are VERY well written, and the charts are flawless. When you are done, and see this gorgeous bit of heaven you just made, it makes it all worth the effort.
Date Added: 12/07/2010 by Nathanne Verner
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