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Monkey Bread Hat and Scarf


I bought some cashmere and silk yarn a little thinner than dk, so I used Size 6 US needles to get drape with this scarf. My yarn is hand dyed with many shades of wine, red, and bittersweet orange running through it. It's too busy for lace, so I decided to find a cable pattern to show off the yarn better. This pattern is a real breeze to do, with those interesting 7 st. cables every 12th row. The rest of the rows are simple stockinette stitch, real fast and automatic pilot type knitting. I memorized it right away. I am a slow knitter, but I got this one done in less than a week. I used those plastic safety pin markers to mark my cable rows and the end of the 24 row repeats. One thing I learned was to count stitches every couple of rows because I ended up losing a stitch in one of the cables, and I had to frog several inches of knitting to get back to the correct number. After that I made sure to pay attention to the stitch count after the cable rows. This is a lovely pattern, and I got a gorgeous designer look with a basically simple pattern. Thank you, Anne. You hit a home run with this one!
Date Added: 04/11/2011 by Nathanne Verner
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