nothing says “encinitas” like . . .

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the sign that greets you as you enter the town. which is just one of the charming sights we saw as we arrived on saturday to meet up with knitting friends for my last day in southern california (boo-hoo!!). we met up with laura at a little craft bazaar just inside town. i’m confessing right […]

oh, and here we have the back yard

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kim likes the socks i gave her. these are the first pair she’s had for herself. something tells me she might end up on my sock list. i landed yesterday around lunchtime and snuck up on kim at the airport you remember her, right? i just love kim, and it’s so good to be here […]

i’m in a different world

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the view from the plane as we landed in san diego . . . . more later. knitting and outdoor activities are happening and i have progress and family photos (and the dogs).

sweater yarns

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david’s new red christmas fatigue sweater, knit in old red sweater we have been laughing about this month, for which this new sweater is something of a replacement (i knew i was kidding myself about getting him to discard that old rag when he said the other night that it is his—ready for this??—after hours […]