the surge is on

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lace is everywhere (second in a series). when i got up this morning and looked out the upper hall window, my eyes met a crosshatching of glazed branches fit for the rosemary with whom i had a discussion last week about beads and knitted lace. it was really chilly and miserable so i stopped and […]

tricks or treats

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i know you’ve been wondering why i’m holding out on you. you’ve been dying to see THAT photo and i haven’t shown it yet. but this season i waited til the setting was absolutely finished and perfect before i took it for you. and you will not be disappointed. and that day came on sunday, […]

quick prickly pRøn

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(christmas is coming . . but first, rhinebeck) WARNING: do not scroll down if you are easily excited or get easily agitated. do not scroll down if you are experiencing heart palpitations. do not scroll down if wheezing, coughing, and/or difficulty of breathing are present. do not scroll down if pepsi, coffee, or any other […]

socks is sprouting all over the place

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i don’t really have all that much today . . . the weather has been fine, fine, fine (and very dry). i’m picking tomatoes and stuff still (which makes me happy). i have my red sweater for knitting at night, while i hang out with david (i finished one sleeve and started another . . […]