mayberry cap

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suddenly it’s december 1st and guess who hasn’t started her christmas knitting?? not that this is any different than any other year—i am perennially late getting into the mood. i think i might be addicted to racing to the finish, in fact. which is why i love quick knits for gifts. and if said quick knit […]

another round of holiday goodies

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it’s wovember and open season for all-out knitting, when work on winter wearables or special holiday gifts begins in earnest. giving is always on my mind, but especially at this time of year when i ask you to join me in making a young person’s dreams come true. our 2017 red scarf scholarship fundraiser is underway now […]

a dapper boy and smart as a fox

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a few weeks ago, i received a copy of this adorable new picture book, Argyle Fox, written and illustrated by Marie LeTourneau, so i could share it with our readership. i just love the illustrations for this simple story! argyle lives in the woods with his mama (who we assume is the creator of his many dapper […]

my cutest cardigan yet

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boy has this been a lifesaver the last couple of weeks! there has been lots of adventure around here, both scary and exciting, which is why we’ve been pretty quiet for a little while. back on st. patrick’s day, our little stray pal, cardigan, went missing and didn’t come by for his normal meals—usually we could […]