the hurrier i go, the behinder i get . . .

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i have not had much time for knitting and spinning this past 9 months. my “day” job has been taking up an enormous part of my evenings and nights, not leaving much time for a lot of frills (such as home-cooked meals, cleaning, sorting junk, working down my stash; although funny thing, my stash is […]

Women’s Cabling Event!

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today we bring you the long-awaited interview with the hermetic debbie j, women’s cabler for the canton LACEPACERS team. debbie does not favor photographs, but we are trying to get her to let us print a rare shot of her work, if not of herself! me: debbie, tell us about your project in your own […]

cable babble

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as a buildup to my next interview with an athlete in the Olympic Women’s Cabling Event, i indulge in a general discussion about the technique. not that this will help anyone with their own cabling necessarily . . . in our classes, i often find that once new knitters get their groove on and realize […]

feather and fan blowout?

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team LACEPACERS nearly suffered a tragic loss this weekend when team member beth p. threw down her knitting in frustration at having to rip out 8+ rows. later, toeing the work and snuffling through the straw of her (ever present) diet coke, she grudgingly reconsidered when the baby fine alpaca flashed doe eyes and dimples […]