happy birthday, daniel!!

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dear daniel, happy, happy birthday!, we miss you and wish we could be there. i hope our first package arrived in time. there is a second package on its way as well. we love you! anne and david

laugh all you want . . .

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i don’t even know where to start today. my students are going to LOVE this! first of all, i have to rip back on that cable sweater . . . again. guess what? i didn’t read the pattern! at least, i didn’t read the one important word of the pattern. where it said to increase […]

clap your hands!

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for yarn harlot’s new book, knitting rules: mine arrived around noon today and i nearly hugged tha mailman i was so happy! he laughed, but also backed away a little when i lunged for the package; i’ll have to be more demure in the future (yeah, right). those who have not read stephanie’s books, get […]

knitter’s block

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the moss shawl is done! i finished the bind-off last night. i wanted to get it done before class yesterday, but i couldn’t. so it sat half-done for hours, on the last leg of it’s knitting. it came off the needles at about 45-46 inches. eeuw . . . that worried me; it sounds small. […]