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boy, has a lot of bad computer mojo come down on my house! first the monitor is acting up, and we STILL can’t figure out the problem. then my webhost had some big RAID card drama and my site was down for 24 hours. a lot of data was restored, but the posts from the […]

cable cobbler

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this morning i opened my eyes to a familiarly funny kind of light in the room. and that sound . . . the sky was a dense color. the sound was wet. when i looked out the back porch window, i saw see the tulips coming up? ok, time for a cable moment! i rebooted […]

rip and reboot

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y’know, some days we are just better off not getting up. i shoulda played hooky today. instead, first thing, before coffee, i took this picture of my cable in order to start my post with the mystery cable story. it’s not that much further than the other day, but it’s a little bit (and don’tcha […]

moss don’t grow

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i haven’t talked about the moss green shawl in a while, but i have been working on finishing it. got some done sunday when kris came over to knit. it’s really, truly almost done, but it’s at the slow stage, where a few rows takes an hour and makes little difference in the size. maybe […]