knot to worry

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Christine Says: . . . I’ve looked all over for more details on your site on the ostrich plumes lace – is this a specific pattern you are knitting? Or one that you designed? Is that yarn that you spun, or something that you bought? I’m in love with the pattern, and really want to […]

lost weekend

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another working weekend . . . i did manage to get out on my bike a little, and to class, but mostly, i looked at the yard from the office, where i was chained to my desk. i did not start back on my weight-lifting program, or do yoga, or cook the pot of black […]

that’s a lotta Pink

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wow, i am SO excited; i’m starting to get more comments every day (i love that!)— thank you everyone. please continue to ask questions and leave remarks! today’s question PersnicketyKnitter Says: I love how that blue yarn turned out with all the variations of color. I think it’ll look great as in that ostrich plumes […]

night of the knitting dead

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wow, that yesterday’s post was really . . . manic. sorry— sometimes that’s just the way it is inside my head! afterward, i had a calming afternoon and evening of classes, so that frenetic mood has passed for the moment. on wednesdays, i have two back-to-back intermediate classes, each having a core group of ongoing […]