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the long weekend will be a good time to think about, or even draft, your email of protest for the yarn rant, which will take place later this week on Thursday, June 1 please make a note to come back, press the logo to the right here, and download the email list on wednesday night […]

packed and ready to go

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i hardly ever pack ahead. ever. i’m mostly just too cramped for time to do things like that ahead. but i am so unreasonably excited about going to wooster tomorrow that i just had to take a few minutes from my morning work to gather my things and make sure i had it all in […]

it saves us from ourselves

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yesterday was evening class, and i just brought along my sock to work on. which turned out to be good, because i went from this to this! the yarn is a pleasure to work with; it’s not supersoft (which i don’t think i’d like for socks . . .); it feels sturdy, but not scratchy. […]

Yarn Rant Goes National!!

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i have been (maybe blissfully) unaware of this blog being noticed. i write it, and fool around, and wisecrack away, and i always feel like i’m talking to a really intimate circle of people, who i have come to worship. once in a while i do something that i fervantly HOPE will get noticed, but […]