a whistle while i worked it

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hee-hee! today while i was riding to class, i was heading up a small hill and i stood up to get a little extra power—and somebody whistled (with exuberance!) at my backside view! ha-ha-hahaha! i don’t think that’s happened since i lived in NYC! there, a lady gets that all the time, to the point […]

there IS a there there—isn’t there?

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this post is brought to you by before and after. because i’ve been busy! sorry i haven’t posted. it’s been another hectic week. BUT, my workload was reduced as of yesterday, so i think going forward this won’t be such a problem. at least, that is what i’m told! keep your fingers crossed. wednesday, i […]

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i got LOT of knitting done yesterday! i am so pleased—for one thing, that little sundress for a certain soon-to-be-two-year-old? the one that starts at the skirt hem with 180 sts to knit in stockinette for 10 inches? yesterday morning it looked like this, almost a week after casting on (the birthday is june 7th, […]

picture perfect

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ok, i know we all missed having pictures last time—at least, i did. i love the pictures! i love taking them, getting them ready to post, and then writing through them. they help me to keep the writing moving along, and add punctuation to the page. or maybe they are a crutch, i don’t know; […]