constant comments

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first i just have to say—i SOLD A PATTERN TO MY FIRST ONLINE CUSTOMER!! phew—i’ve been dying to say that ALL day! i am SO excited. i just wish i had a little virtual dollar bill to tape to my masthead . . . hmm that’s an idea for the storefront . . . oh, […]

i’m skirting the issue

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mostly, i work at home. my day job does not require me to go anywhere, ever. therefore, i do not have to dress for the office any more. i own some lovely office attire from those days when i did have to dress for the corporate environment. these days, comfortable loungwear defines 90% of what […]

i owe you a good one

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hey all, it’s so good to be back to writing that i could weep! i will NOT recount a wretched tale of woe describing the events of this week that prevented me from getting here daily; let’s just say a good night’s sleep does wonders for my attitude. thank you for your patience and for […]

“the little touches that make a difference”

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a little time off this morning gave me a chance to start work on a knitting project i’ve been thinking about for quite a while. i have an extremely charming 10-year-old niece, and equally remarkable goddaughter who were both born on the same day, two years apart. their summer birthday is one of my favorite […]