dude—you were wrong!

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(sorry about that) i love my skirt! it’s not heavy in fact, it feels lighter than air (no kidding). and it’s totally comfortable to ride in! or just stand around in, posing for your man, who likes a sassy look now and then or a sly, sidelong glance or even a little backtalk! before you […]

i have too been knitting

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i have! i mean, hey i can’t NOT knit, y’know? evne if i’m not making something, i’m swatching, just to have it in my hands. literally. ask david. so, i’ve been working on something i hate, for someone i love. but working steadily and making progress. it’s almost done, too. the only reason that i […]

off the needles!

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i have about 97 ends to weave in, but it’s off the needles—woo-woo! and now i can confess. a couple of weeks back (okay, or maybe a month back) when i had it off the needles to rip out part of the lower tier i tried it on. i shouldn’t have tried it on because […]

can you feel the kohlrabi love?

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knitters to the rescue—what an overwhelming response to my abundance of produce and my kohlrabi confusion. i just got one email after another with tips and tricks for using extra produce. looks like a lot of knitters also enjoy making magic in the kitchen. and eating kohlrabi. ahh, the kohlrabi—who knew? there seems to be […]