and now, the knitting

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the knitting over the weekend was not as intense as i had expected. due to time constraints, i had not been spinning much before i left for rhinebeck, so naturally i brought a lot of knitting along thinking i would complete a couple of WIPs. and i totally forgot that this was a fiber trip […]

our house is a very, very, very fine house

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oh boy, did WE ever have fun—he’s not the only one with lots to laugh about! we took beckie’s red pickup, figuring we might need some extra room on the return trip (ya think?). we had a great drive over to the catskills, through the allegheny state forests and southern tier regions, with spectacular foliage […]

manLace blocking . . .

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i set out to do two things with this project: i wanted to knit a piece that as a) manly AND lacy, and b) knit a piece that was manly and lacy AND that my husband would love to wear. this is hypoteneuse. yes, it’s manly. . . . and . . . lacy. AND […]

48 hours

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in 48 hours (or thereabouts) we should be pulling up to the cottage in which we are making our home for the rhinebeck trip—can you spell i-m-S-O-r-e-a-d-y? actually, i am sooo NOT ready! at least, physically (mentally, i’m already IN rhinebeck). i have about 1000 things to do. i am terrrible about leaving home—i put […]