taking stock of sox

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today, as i was was scraping myself together before work, my eye fell upon the Sock Pile. the Sock Pile is the number of socks-on-hand that i have in stock at any one time. i keep ’em on a shelf in my cedar closet, to use for gifts, or for when our own sock drawers […]

red heart yarn

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what else can it be named? this isn’t all of it either—this is just the best shot (i love the way it appears to be reclining back on the sheepskin . . . (eye roll) . . . what a diva). i have two weights; a sample of lace-y weight (on the right) and then […]

just full of distraction . . .

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as it approaches, i think of the weekend as a luxuriously long stretch of time in which i will get caught up and accomplish much. on friday night, i immediately begin to rationalize, wanting instead to just veg, or to cook a good meal. saturday, i take a little extra time with each task, allowing […]

freakin’ friday

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fridays are rough for us. work-related communication usually takes on a frenetic keening quality just after lunch, which crescendoes into a volcanic spewing and spitting of distress while everyone at the office scrambles to get things done before the weekend. it’s hard to feel like i get any of my own work done on friday—there […]