to the point

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i think all the waiting was worth it!! kudos to david for taking some of the best modeling shots on this blog yet—he’s got a good eye for knits (among other fine things he has . . .) i know—that one doesn’t really give you the detail you want, but i had to put it […]


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what a day. i knew as soon as i got up and moving that it might not be my best day yet. i just couldn’t seem to get moving, for one thing. i sat down to begin working on the charts for the starlight wrap and quickly became stymied by the new software. it’s kicking […]

on the after-knitting

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good thing there are so many great jobs to do indoors today, because it is yet another drizzly mess outside. of course, that means i can’t ride my bike to classes this afternoon, but i can go to the library . . . but then, these purple crocus bloomed yesterday, so that’s saying something for […]

nap of the century

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oh man! i meant to get this post written SO much earlier today—then i decided to wait til i had pictures of something special all set. once that was done, i thought “i’ll just lie down for a quick nap before i write to clear my head”. that was at 6pm. i didn’t know it […]