twist and shout

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like i was saying yesterday, i grabbed my joy wheel while running out the door for my long trip home and tossed it into the back of the car with a variety bag of wool rovings. i wasn’t really thinking straight—just that i always turn to the wheel when i need calm. as for the […]

YOU are my sunshine

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hello everyone, it’s me. finally back, and it’s good to be home. it has been a very rough couple of weeks. the untimely death of my youngest brother, john, tore into my family with shocking and savage carelessness, and has left us feeling such a loss. thankfully, we do pull together well in a crisis, […]

a moment of silence

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due to a terrible family tragedy, i will be away for an undetermined time, hopefully brief. please keep my family in your thoughts. i am very grateful in advance for any good karma you can send our way. thanks, friends.

a post of various and sundry items

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this was our friday sunset—a smashing cacophony of booming clouds with BIG gold light striking through. everything shone from the melting snow and a day of blinding sun. the wind whipped hard too, exfoliating as it went and leaving a fresh face on things. nice. march strode in very much a lion. and, being march, […]