morning glory wrap

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And if you look closely at them, you will see how extraordinary
they are both in colour and texture and that in their centre is
a kind of golden light that shines from within.

At the end of the day, they turn a most beautiful shade of lavender,
and then close up, wither and die. They live for only one day
and then they are gone.
from The Lesson of the Morning Glory! © Copyright 1998 by Veronica M. Hay

Morning Glory Wrap
shown here: longer size wrap in Briar Rose Wistful, color W21005
piece was knit using the beautifully crafted Jenkins Knitting Needles

  • pattern price: $7.00 US (ohio residents, please add $.42 sales tax)
  • payment method: please visit our pattern shop!
  • Suggested Yarns: Briar Rose Wistful or Earthsong, Fearless Fibers DK/Sport Cashmere, Mohair/Wool DK, or Alpaca/Wool DK, Nashua Handknits Sublime DK, Indieceta Baby Alpaca DK, Mountain Colors Weavers’s Wool, Alpaca Yarn Company handpainted DK yarn or any soft DK yarn which has approximately 500 yards to 8 ounces.
  • Notes: This rectangular wrap is begun at the hem and worked to the center back.
    Stole may be shortened to wrap length by working fewer repeats in the morning glories section but taking care to end on the same row as the pattern instructs.
    Using smaller needles and finer yarn will also produce a smaller piece.
    Sample gained approximately 30% in length and width when blocked.
  • Finished Size: pre-blocked: shorter: 18�? W x 60�? L / longer: 18�?W x 68�? L
    blocked dimensions: 24�? W x 78�? L / 24�? W x 90�? L
  • Yarn requirements: approximately 700 (850) yards of soft DK weight yarn for shorter(longer) wrap
  • Gauge: 16 sts and 24 rows = 4�? in stockinette stitch (preblocked; fabric will be loosely knit)
  • Needles: 5.5 mm needle (US size 9); a needle with a slender, tapered point is highly recommended

patterns will be emailed in PDF format once payment is confirmed or eCheck has cleared; please contact patternsATknitspotDOTcom for information about wholesale orders, or payment without a paypal account.

many, MANY thanks to PumpkinMama and to kim for their efforts in test-knitting this piece!

UPDATES (all patterns purchased after the date listed will include corrections)
4/20/07: page 3, in the chart for the hem edging, row 12 (WS), stitch #12 should be NO STITCH; there should be p3 before the marker, not p4. written instructions on page 2 are correct.

4/24/07: page 4 in the 4-row finishing for the mesh section, row 2 at the end, the butterfly edging should read: R2: k3, p1, k4, yo, k2tog, SM, k50, SM, k2, yo, k2tog, k2, yo twice, k2tog, k1. the chart is already correct

in which they all conspire against me

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oh, hahaha! we all thought it was so cute that the tree scum sock pulled that little tantrum yesterday by getting all narrow on me, but we were so relieved that i didn’t have to pull out the heel, right? he-he.

well i guess the pink ragg sock felt miffed or something—not getting enough attention or whatever. of course, it waited til this morning to make its supreme fussiness known.
you know how they are—they get you right before that first cup of coffee, when you innocently go to the computer to restart and check email while the brain food brews on the stove. let’s review.

here’s the sock yesterday, right?

see anything funny? anything about it that says “i’m not happy“? hmph. me neither.

how about now?

anything at all amiss?

ok, now check THIS out.

mutiny. sigh.
that’s what i get for crowing about how much i can get done while working on other things.
it really isn’t progress if it’s WRONG.

by 10am it looked like this. arrrgghh.

(don’t you just want to wipe that smirk right off of it’s smart little face?)
if it tells me one more time it was just ribbing me, i will.

oh well. more printing and updating today, so this gave me a chance to test out some of the great tips for keeping the heel flap an equal length on both sides.

(never call me a glass-half-empty kind of girl).

elsewhere, the mail goddess showed up again bearing Good Things.

debbie, from comments (but sadly blogless), turned me on to a new vendor, perl grey (affiliated with fleece artist somehow), after reading about my plans for the bee shawl. she excitedly emailed me to tell me they had a bee brooch, so i bit.

i was a little leary, not being a big fan of cutesy animal accessories, but what i found was very appealing. not cute, but something . . . different. primitive? no. folk art? no. modernist? maybe . . . i’m having trouble pinpointing the style, but who cares. or maybe you can help me out. anyway, take a look

they are somewhat menacing, but not quite. kinda like bee robots, yes? i can’t wait to put them on a cardigan. and then there was indeed a bee brooch

this is so perfect for the shawl i have planned it’s like the artist stole it out of my mind. it’s a hive—it’s a swarm—it’s a flower—it’s a mandala—it’s perfectly apt.

i’ve been examining options in shawl wearing lately, because i started wearing them more this year. i used to make them and give them all away, thinking i was not a shawl-wearing type. but then i tried it, and hey—these things are MUCH more comfortable than a coat. especially in the car.

the only problem is that when i lurch from here to there walk around, they sorta don’t stay in place on my uber-narrow shoulders. i have to adjust a lot. and i absolutely hate tying them; the last thing i need on my chest is a big knot of knitted fabric. so i’ve been considering using pins to secure them.

i’m trying a couple of other styles, too

anyway, the package offered a bit of a balm. those socks can take a walk.

and now for something more pedestrian

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i’m telling you, managing all these knits, with their knit opinions and their knit diva complexes WILL be the death of me . . .

seems that with the morning glories shawl getting all the attention since yesterday, there is a developing unrest on the sock front, and rumor has it that a stampede may ensue unless i get it together and show off some foot covering. NOW.

okay, okay. i know when my ticket is up. i know when to smooth ruffled feathers. or gussets.

first, an FO that was also off the needles saturday, but which i held back for today.

i rarely make an effort to make striped socks match, preferring to let the yarn “be” what it is, which is usually a “married” pair rather than identical twins.
but in the case of austermann step, with its wide striping, i really do prefer the socks to match. fortunately in this instance, it didn’t result in any yarn wastage—it just happened that when i started the second sock, i was in almost exactly the right spot to have matching stripes.
after fretting about whether i would have enough yarn for the pair, i did end up with about 20 yards left over. certainly one skein would not be enough to make a man’s pair.

and, for those that kindly emailed to say that with a second skein i could make a man’s pair AND a ladies pair—well, not exactly. according to the yarn use in these socks, i would need a third skein for that, and sorry—no way.
but i am happy to make ladies socks from this yarn if i get the chance again. it is a nice, soft, smooth yarn with great recovery and a good feel on the foot.

i had a little time during work hours saturday to get the gusset on these pink ragg socks done.

so i’m barreling down the foot now, and should be done very soon. i’ll be happy to get these off the needles; while i love the colorway and can use a heavier pair of sox for deep winter, this romney yarn is a bit prickly and i feel like i am fighting it. the little fibers wrap around the needles a bit like mohair and are impeding my usually-fast knitting speed. i’ll be glad and satisfied when they are done.

and then there is the one you have been waiting for, yea—dreaming about, i bet. and so, without further ado, i give you

scummy, with its halo of radioactive yellow (BTW, david cannot take his eyes off them; he’s in love, and the color is SO very “him”). nearly done with this first sock, though i see a bit of ripping in my near future. today i got about halfway down the foot and noticed that the sock looked WAY too narrow for david’s foot. YIKES! how the heck did that happen? when i checked the foot against the top of the cuff, sure enough, the cuff is a good inch bigger around. crap!

i showed it to david, and we decided that if i rip back to the gusset, increase four stitches, and maybe go up .25mm in needle size, it will be fine, since the widest part of his foot is in front, and his heel is not all that extra-wide.

but how did this happen?? handspun. the yarn must vary in thickness somewhat from the beginning of the ball to the middle—that’s all i can think of! i’ve noticed in other items that even a fairly minute difference in yarn diameter makes a big difference in the sock circumference (you get a lot of practice with these issues when you knit with handspun).

so, i get to go back three inches (undoing everything i knit today in class), and reknit, but at least i don’t have to take that heel out. because you could just shoot me now if i had to do that.
i’m having the same issue with this handspun as with the pink ragg sock—the wool is a bit prickly and catches on the tip of the needle constantly, or wraps itself around everything. picking up each stitch is a chore. of course, anything for tree scum . . .

and lastly, not to take anything away from the other foot soldiers i just mentioned, but i think i am totally in love—with another yarn.

that woolen rabbit yarn i showed you the other day? totally awesome.
this is the merino and nylon sock yarn, and it’s perfect for the guy’s socks. i love the deep, rich color, the beautifully-behaved stitches it makes, the smooth, luxuriously dense feel of the fabric. sigh.

i gave you the link, because i just checked and kim doesn’t have any more of it posted right now (hehehe). i’m hoping that she will reserve several skeins of the next batch for me (coming later next week she says!). in the meantime there are some of her gorgeous rovings up for sale as well as the merino/tencel yarn.
m’kay—OH! and don’t forget to try some handcreme while you’re there; it’s fab.

so, back to the sock; this is another manLace Series project. you can’t see that part right now because the sock is flipped over to the back side and i’m going to surprise you another day with it.

stretching is good

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Glory Morning Wrap
Briar Rose Wistful merino/alpacw/silk blend—used approximately 850 yards from two 500-yard hanks.
finished blocked measurements: 24 inches wide by 86 inches long

off the needles friday night and i blocked it last night, but it was too late to take pictures. then i had a setback today when, after installing a new router, we could not get anything to upload to the ftp. enter david to save the day, and now i can show you the results.

this shawl was totally inspired by the yarn—when i got wistful in the mail from chris, i immediately thought of the morning glory stitch from BW2, and the idea nagged at me constantly til i sat down and started knitting.

this is my favorite picture of all, i think . . .

this one is for debbieKnitter—just look at that surface texture and the way the light catches the shifts in the motifs . . .

or maybe she’d like this one better (she’s a big fan of the lo-o-ong shot)

a detail of the hem, and my new blocking wires (thanks lisa!)

i couldn’t find my t-pins anywhere (maybe they are actually a figment of my imagination??), but the trusty yellow pins did the trick. i threaded the wires through the solid part of the shawl edge, and then pinned out each point of the edging separately.

straight as an arrow, yeah?
here’s a shot of the graft at the center back. i used kichener stitch to join the two halves—simple and clean, i think. or it will be someday when i finally learn to do it evenly . . .

and, from more than 8 inches away, fairly invisible. here you can see how the motifs meet in the middle, and then reverse.

that’s why it’s so important to end the knitting on the exact right row. ROW 16. remember that.
and, because i just can’t help myself, one last shot of morning glory goodness

i dunno about you, but where WE live, we can use as much of that today as we can get.