my whorlwind trip

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wow, i drove a LOT of miles this weekend. almost as many as when i went to SPA. i was so tired yesterday that i couldn’t even look at the computer, much less post. i’m telling you—they really run you ragged at these retirement communities. the weather was glorious, as it probably was everywhere. and […]

dashing out

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i’m sure by now everyone is aware of this, but i want to mention it before i start yakking about the new scarf project. it is time for Briar Rose Fibers will be in the kitty. ok, so now we can talk about me and my knitting. um, well, .. . i actually only have […]

lots of little bits of knits

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it’s a real cornucopia today, as i have had a couple of days of very distracted knitting. that is, with not much time on my hands, i picked up this thing or that, and worked just a little bit, then headed off to do something completely unrelated. except for spinning—i actually sat down two nights […]

teosinte sock

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third in the manlace series. teosinte is the name of the original plant that botanists think corn comes from—a rugged, low-growing, hardy mexican grass. i think that pretty much says it all. Teosinte Sock shown here: size large in please visit our pattern shop! Suggested Yarns: Woolen Rabbit Merino/Nylon Superwash Sock, Fearless Fibers Classic Merino […]