to hope n.

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hello hope, i received a payment for a pattern from you last week, but every time i try to send it, it bounces back to me from the address you gave me. i am desperately trying to get in touch but with no success, so i hope you see this note! you have been leaving […]

let’s regroup

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it feels like a year since last week, seriously. in that time we traveled 1,000 miles to NYC and back, laid Big Dave to rest, and were reunited with a whole schlew of family that even david hadn’t seen in many years. we ate food from four other countries and “read” water for elephants in […]


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Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, baby been sweet on me Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, my queen bee Oh she rock to my soul, mama love me to my soul Love me to my soul, oh she rock me to my soul Ooh rock me to my soul, oh rock me to my […]


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everyone i am SO sorry. i tried to set up an away message in email this morning and pressed a wrong button, which made everything go nuts. ACK! please forgive me if you received 27 messages from me this mrnign . . . (going off to hide under a rock now)