piling it higher and deeper . . .

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the snow that is. snow shawl is growing and i think today you can tell it’s bigger, so i snapped a photo. i’ve gotten through two levels of snowflake motifs and am moving on to the third next. then a band of crazy, allover snow blizzard, and after that we segue into the pine forest. […]

it’s all about the tangles we get into

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ok, a very quick post because i don’t have time for more today . . . i have classes and two deadlines i’m working on. i finished my sweater and am throwing up a few blocking shots and a story. hope you like it. i can’t start the story of the sweater without first telling […]

back away from the scarf, m’am

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i just want to say, in my own defense, that i DID work on other knitting last night. ok, i didn’t really “cook” for dinner, and i didn’t finish my sweater, even though i am literally one inch away from the finish—the truth is, i did not even touch it (how twisted is that??). and […]


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(lace is everywhere; third in a series. guest toilet, 9 am sunday) well, it got cold alright. the poor furnace turns on every 15 minutes it seems. i’m seeing frost everywhere but no snow. stet that—i think i see some now after a hiatus of a couple of days to take care of the server […]