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a weightless piece of sheer magic shown in please click here to take a look at the Gale product page in the knitspot pattern shop. many thanks to michelle, who test-knit the pattern so eagerly.

back in business . . . for now

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we seem to have stumbled upon a stable internet connection for the time being so i’m going to post real quick. i’m not sure why it works today when yesterday we could not get online to save our lives; they haven’t been out to fix it yet that we know of. one thing that came […]

internet, schminternet

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hello everyone; we are having a lot of trouble with our road runner connection this week. i am only able to get online for a few minutes at a time, so i’m using those precious opportunities to answer email. and i have so many goodies piling up . . gale is finished and the pattern […]

my carrot is turquoise

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the snow shawl is enjoying a seat in the timeout chair today. but not for a bad reason. we had a marathon knitting session all day yesterday. i have a pretty good idea now what the final size will be, and . . . ooops, i think it’s going to be bigger than i wanted. […]