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a weightless piece of sheer magic shown in wooly wonka fibers artisan cormo/angora blend, colorway Dusk (yarn available on anne’s updated site beginning march 1)

to purchase the pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to take a look at the Gale product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

many thanks to anne who created this gorgeous, evening-stormy colorway. and to michelle, who test-knit the pattern so eagerly.

back in business . . . for now

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we seem to have stumbled upon a stable internet connection for the time being so i’m going to post real quick.
i’m not sure why it works today when yesterday we could not get online to save our lives; they haven’t been out to fix it yet that we know of.

one thing that came out of that experience is the realization that i am all at odds when i can’t get online for 48 hours straight. i mean, sure i can work (and i actually got lots done), but my work now relies heavily on staying in contact with people in far-flung places and i feel pretty isolated when i can’t touch base or discuss details with them.

while working on the pattern for the snow shawl and getting it out to the test knitters has been my priority over the last few days, i did manage to finish up gale

and get it blocked. it’s SO pretty; sooo sheer and light—it weighs in at a mere 4 ounces.
i was a little concerned about the size, as my unblocked finished width was only around 13 or 14 inches. but after a good soak, it grew admirably

i just love the slightly heavy line that forms where the decreases are; it really pops on the field of sheer stitches.
and i was able to block it out to around 19 inches wide with no trouble at all. in fact, it came in a little longer even than i thought it would. i unpinned it this morning and took some stationary shots

as soon as david is available we will do a photo shoot so you can see it in action. meanwhile i adjusted the pattern to set the lengths the way i want them, and as soon as i have the photo i want, i can upload it to the store (providing my roadrunner connection continues to cooperate). hopefully later this evening after classes.

i’ve also been working away late at night on the pavé socks, which i’m afraid i have become addicted to

this is a great shot of the true colors—it’s almost-black with all sorts of plums, greens, grays, and reds (i really must twist chris’s arm to dye up more of this kind of colorway; i don’t think i can live knowing there will be just one pair of socks like it). mmm; i can’t help stopping my work a little too often just to look at it. here’s a closeup of the heel

you could of course put in any heel you like (and i know you do!), but for the sake of the design i like this unobtrusive stockinette short-row heel.

i was supposed to leave tomorrow for the east coast where i was going to attend SPA, but i’ve had to cancel my plans to go to maine (boo-hoo). due to an unexpected change in an important deadline, i need to stick around here for a few more days to get part of a project out the door.

but i’m still going away on sunday to visit with my mom for a few days—it’s her BD next week and i’m looking forward to taking time off to go to my hometown and hang for a bit.
(and i always get SO much good knitting time when i’m there.)

internet, schminternet

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hello everyone; we are having a lot of trouble with our road runner connection this week. i am only able to get online for a few minutes at a time, so i’m using those precious opportunities to answer email.

and i have so many goodies piling up . . gale is finished and the pattern will be available as soon as i can use the blog again . . .

fortunately, none of this affects the store—only our connection at the house.


my carrot is turquoise

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the snow shawl is enjoying a seat in the timeout chair today. but not for a bad reason.
we had a marathon knitting session all day yesterday. i have a pretty good idea now what the final size will be, and . . . ooops, i think it’s going to be bigger than i wanted.

i know, i know—everyone likes a great big shawl. but when you are talking about a square, you have to be careful. we don’t want it to weigh a ton now, do we?

anyhow, in my zeal to make sure, halfway through, that i had plenty planned to make it to a generous finished size, i think i overdid it.

but it’s totally fixable. i know exactly what to do to tighten things up. there’s an area in the design between the large snowflakes and the tree border that’s been bothering me anyway (and probably i’m the only one who can see it), where i would love tighten things up a bit. no problem—it would be a pleasure to take out 20 rows or so—i don’t even need to make the hard choice of eliminating a whole section or motif. phew.

and no, i am NOT going to rip back and fix it in the shawl; that would mean undoing over a week’s worth of work and i am not that sturdy a woman. it’s ok if my own shawl is a little big. i can adjust the pattern, send it to the test knitters, and then borrow one of theirs for the final pattern photos. it’s possible i could even fudge the photos using my own, but if i can borrow one that is an exact representation of the written pattern, i’d feel better.

since we are not fighting, the shawl also got to visit with me in my office today while i slaved away at the computer writing the pattern.

(hehe—don’t even remark on the irony of my lovely valentine from david sitting amidst the hideous mess of my desk top. sigh; it seems i am always letting something slide these days.)

anyhow, we will be able to send out a pattern to the test knitters tomorrow for the first half of the shawl and i hope to have the complete pattern to them by wednesday.

that way we can all work away on our respective parts while i’m away (i’m going to SPA! i’m getting out of town!). i am pretty sure now that i will be taking the shawl on the road for the finishing. i think i can finish up the body of it before i leave, and then knit the edging while i visit with my mom next week.

what we REALLY need is to decide on the name. i love the snow on cedars name and am trying to think of a good variation on it. i’d like to get pines and snow in there if possible.

so, since i relaxed on my own deadline to have the square finished before i leave (hmmm, it would be almost done NOW if i hadn’t overknit), i decided to give that project a rest for the day.

beckie came over to knit for the afternoon and i worked on gale.

which was so lonely that i found it snuggling up to the candy dish in the classroom, maybe hoping to get get the best seat for garnering attention tomorrow during classes.

i rescued it and gave it another 10 or 12 inches with with to wrap itself around that chocolate; we’ve all been there, right?

and now i have a confession. much as i love the socks and adore the shawls, my eye and mind have been wandering this week. another fetching little beauty has been stealing into my brain at any opportunity, worming its pretty little self into my subconscious and conscious imaginings.
it’s whispering (salaciously), “i wanna be yo’ next little nuthin’, baby.”
and it’s making my fingers itch.

the sly little vixen.