home (knitting) for the holidays

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by this point, most of us are ready to curl up with a relaxing project, definitely something cozy that has no deadline. and once again, knitting at home by leanne prouse is a collection of accessories, toys, and wearables for the home, all knit in the very affordable sixth&spring would like to treat one of […]

jingle, jingle . . . (that’s the sound of time running out)

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now there’s a sight i love—all the holiday boxes packed and waiting for the mail carrier. david and i had a packing party for just the two of us on monday night, organizing each box, then the labels, and finally, reserving a pcikup. they went out yesterday and i couldn’t be happier to have that […]

let them eat cake (if they dare)

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our knitting class christmas party is today and i volunteered to bring dessert. now, we’re not a fancy group in general, but for the christmas party we do things a little differently—we meet at someone else’s house, we bring yummy finger foods and have a small gift exchange. there may even be imbibing. so, you […]

one week to go . . .

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well, it finally stopped snowing here and we’ve even had some sun over the last couple of days, but wow, it continues to be frosty cold—more like january and february than december. at least the temps have climbed into the 20s now, from near zero earlier in the week. beckie and i are heavy into […]