creature comforts

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as many of you know, the tyler household is home to many pets, thanks to kade’s love of critters and kim’s complete inability to really say “no more animals”. every time we visit, the menagerie has grown—even when one of the “family” has left the fold, at least two more take its place. chica, of […]

sun, sea, sky—you asked for it

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i bet you’re bored to death with all these photos of blue, blue, blue, right?? if you’re like me though, you haven’t seen nearly enough. i’m trying to bank as much of this weather as i can before we head home on thursday, sigh. we just might have to move out here . . . […]

the after party

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i’m always so glad that i don’t have to rush through a travel day after TNNA—it’s so much nicer to spend the next morning in kim’s back yard, sipping coffee while poring over yarn samples, books, and business cards. it’s a little like a private party after the big event. once again, i had a […]

this is more like it

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ahhh, finally i feel warm. as you can see, the weather is lovely in san diego. i was only there for a little while yesterday—long enough to see kim, who took me meet cookie for lunch in encinitas after which we were off to long beach to attend TNNA for a few days. the convention […]