fun, fabulous frederick

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most antique malls are quiet enclaves—places where one can retreat to wander through the past, undisturbed except for the hushed movement of dust moats in the filtered light. on saturday, though, that atmosphere was completely transformed at the antique loft in frederick, when area fiber fans arrived to celebrate the indie artist event organized by […]


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i am never mentioning the size of our (puny) snowbanks again, hahaha. the ones here in maryland are far, FAR, bigger than any i’ve seen in ohio. i have to make this really quick and knitless—it’s almost time to get ready for class. yesterday afternoon, somewhere in eastern pennsylvania or western maryland, we drove through […]

piling it higher and deeper

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we are running out of places to put the snow, hehehe. i think this current storm is coming to a close, but i dunno—the sky is still awfully gray. the sun came out for a couple of seconds during the morning, but quickly beat it when it saw how much snow it had to melt. […]

it’s good to be home

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awww! how nice was it to arrive home last evening to this cute card propped against my computer screen and dinner just about ready? plus, david was vacuuming when i got here—what more could anyone want? i love this man . . . before i tell you all about my weekend in germantown, i know […]