minding our beeswax

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our poppies started blooming last week, about two weeks earlier than usual. and we have scads of them this year. today i went out to take some photos, i found a host of happy poppy appreciators visiting honeybees positively swarming over them. inside and out, these busy creatures were fighting over spots on the flowers […]

port ludlow sock

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oh you sock knitters; you convinced me. (sorry scarf knitters, i just didn’t get to do photos today; we’ll have to release campanula in a couple of days. i promise, those photos are the very next on my list). but here’s one of them anyway . . . for me this sock just sparkles with […]

ready for cuteness overload?

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we are drowning. well okay, maybe not drowning, but wow, we’ve had a LOT of rain this week. i wanted to get out to plant seeds in the garden when i got home from san diego, but it’s been a no-go so far, which is one reason we haven’t had a garden post in a […]

it’s a slo-o-ow day

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this series of “franklin” photos is worth a thousand words for how i feel today though today is MUCH better than yesterday beckie and i agreed that the first day back was like being under water . . . spinning class was a bit of a blur, though i know we laughed plenty a ride […]