elm leaves

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somewhere in the back of our minds, we know we have left an important person off of the holiday knitting list. hard as we might try, we cannot for the life of us remember who it is. we know it will come to us—oh yes—with about three days to go before the gift exchange is […]

progress is good

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i love my new study; it’s a great place to knit. i’ve completely vacated the living room space that i used to use, in favor of the new workroom. the light is so much better at night and the coziness factor is way higher. not mention how much more beautiful it is . . . […]

getting an early start this year

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before i get going on today’s post, i just want to say THANK YOU! for all the kind and enthusiastic comments you sent along about the green mountain spinnery, one of my all-time favorite yarn producers (i have a soft spot for producers i discovered back in the 80s, when good wool yarns were just […]

twist and shout

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you can imagine how excited i was for today to get here—finally a chance to share the big secret project we worked on all summer for the leaving sweater, to knit as a pullover or cardigan. when i say “we” i mean lots of people—my friend the woolen rabbit, my friend karolyn whose knitting you […]