wondrous weather

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a short post today, because i want to get outside soon—i’ve been biking every day in a desperate attempt to make the most of our unusually long streak of lovely fall weather. we’ve had the most gorgeous autumn this year, noticeably lacking in the gray plague that is more normal for this time. and the […]

little delights

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don’t you love those little knit projects that entice a bit of play, once they reach FO status? for instance, elm row wristlets that look like elm trees when turned upside down? i finished them off the other day in knitting class and put them on to soak once everyone went home (they almost just […]

cinder block sock

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if like me, you are lucky enough to have a man (or two) in your life who loves handknits, you also might, once in awhile, secretly rue the day you introduced him (or them) to handknits socks. especially when the holidays loom and socks are at the top of their wishlist(s). oh, the number of […]

and now, back to our knitting

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with several hard frosts this past week and temps plunging into the 20s most nights, garden production has ceased for the season completely. all that’s left to do is harvest the last few root vegetables which are sweetening undeground. and some greens—they never quit til the snow falls heavily. i have the last of the […]