wake UP, it’s spring

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happy spring everyone and what a difference some nice weather makes, eh? the sun has been shining down on us the last few days, making everything feel a little cheerier. i got out there early today while it was still pretty chilly and the crocuses were shut up tight after a bit, when the sun […]

woodcutter’s toque

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david never used to wear a hat at all, blessed as he was with a huge mane of luxurious locks—so many, in fact, that finding hats to fit was a real challenge. last year though, it became apparent that his natural blanket of top coverage had become seriously compromised, so i suggested a hat might […]


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somehow i walked right by these very big crocus buds the other day, which then proceeded to open in the afternoon; when anne c. arrived for class, she let me know they were there. today it’s a little too chilly for them, i think, but hopefully things will brighten up tomorrow. lord knows i could […]

let the sun shine

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and in a complete reversal of events since the other day . . . SUN. i love spring—it’s so schizophrenic, isn’t it? our snow melted completely by saturday afternoon when temperatures hit the 50s, then it turned cold and windy again by evening. yesterday was a bit frosty and beckie said it was spitting snowflakes […]