she’ll hook you up

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since i’m rather busy every day this weekend, i thought it would be a good time to do another book review, and since i’m in austin, i thought it would be appropriate to do one that’s really different—a little crochet anyone?? you might think that crochet isn’t for you, but have you actually tried it?? […]

a little lazy this week—so far

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junebug cracks me up—she’s taken over ownership of the sofa blanket. when she wants to watch TV, she carefully arranges it all just so into a nest. then at night, she rolls up in it so she’s completely covered, like a cowboy. except she’s on the sofa, of course, haha. we’ve been taking it easy […]

crooked walking shawl

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when i designed this shawl, i was aiming to create a victorian piece of the everyday variety—a bit decorative, but not too; simple, but dramatic, open enough to create a pattern against the fabric underneath, but sturdy and warm as well. the result is this sweet little shoulder shawl with shaped garter yoke and neckline, […]

where the sun shines

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i am SO not a football fan or even knowledgeable about the sport (i know—for shame!), but even i was impressed with the dallas cowboys stadium. but before i get going on a whole long post about dallas, i bet you all want to know who the tina, just so you know, she’s now completely […]