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well, that was quick, haha. our pretty snow melted almost to nothing by the next day and the temps are back up into the 40s and 50s. good for getting outside, anyway . . .

i’m continuing to work mostly on secret projects here and patterns, but i have a few small progresses on other project, too.

i put a few more rows on my shawlette in hazel knits divine, a delicious merino/cashmere/silk blend with beautiful sheen and bounce—just enough to make the sts pop, but not enough to make them stiff.

this is one of those projects that i could just devour if only i could spend more time with it. i’m thinking that it’s perfect airplane knitting for our trip on thurday—i could probably finish it up by the time we get to san diego. we’re flying out to visit kim’s fmaily next week and then our las vegas family on the way home—yay!

david’s sleeve is, unfortunately, stuck where we last saw it. i’ve been experiencing some severe congestion from the dry cold that is, in turn, causing me a lot of nauseous dizziness. you know, in and out of the cold with exercise, then the house is super dry—it all adds up to unhappy sinuses. so whenever i feel good, i have to grab computer time instead of knitting time in order to keep the business stuff on track, ugh. i’m hoping that a vacation in a sunny place will help.

i did manage to finish up the slöfock hat and mitts set in shalimar honey worsted and we even got some nice photos as we set out for a bike ride yesterday.

everything is all set to go with this one; we put the final tweaks on the pattern this evening and all systems are go for a monday release. doesn’t it look great with his susanna bandana shawlette scarf? (we have a separate post about that pattern for next week, too)

while the last shipment of our fall in full color club (how can it possibly be the last one already??) is going out the door

a fresh batch of big boxes has arrived with supplies to kick off our spring/summer barenaked club. mister knitspot was nearly engulfed by them the other night as he counted, sorted, and found places for everything.

we’re pumped—we’ve settled on our packaging and presentation; the design work has commenced

and barenaked beach has begun to get ready for the crowds to arrive. everything is ticking along in anticipation . . . we’ve still got spots open at all levels—come join us!

if you thought fartlek was funny . . .

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and so it begins—we had our first snowstorm of the year over the last couple of days.
at first, it looked like it was going to be one of those 48 hour dustings, where the snow falls lightly enough and the wind blows hard enough that nothing ever accumulates, no matter how long it goes on.

but then yesterday, while i was putting the final touches on the final secret project for our 2011 fall in full color club, it started to come down much, much harder

so that, at times, we could hardly see across the street. this set down a good few inches all around, finally covering the grass and dirt completely. not enough to bring the city to a standstill or anything, but plenty to quiet things down for a bit . . . you know that sound—the sound of everyone staying right where they are for just a while?

i love that sound.
it’s not unlike the sound of a room full of knitters knitting.
(as a teacher, i get to hear that sometimes).

everything is pretty much back to normal today—you can see we didn’t get all that much (ohio is way more temperate than some places i’ve lived). but still, a nice accessory to the winter scene. i’ll find out later today how this will affect my running schedule; so far, i know that cold and wind are not much of an obstacle and i’m hoping that the snow and/or ice won’t a deterrent either.

anyway . . . let’s go back to the title and see what i’m up to in the knitting department; i think you’ll get a chuckle out of this one.

ok, so i’ve got a new delicious hat in the wonderful shalimar honey worsted and i think i’m even going to get a pair of fingerless mitts out of my yarn supply to match. i finished the first one last night and there might just be enough for another.

i started writing the pattern up and it’s a funny thing, but with my filing system (and my compulsiveness), one of the first things i have to do (if i haven’t already) is settle on a name, so i can create a folder and all the files that go into the pattern. occasionally i change it later, but i prefer to get a permanent name squared away at this stage because it does set the tone for the publication and marketing of the design. the hunt can take an inordinate amount of time, often way more than i planned . . . but usually worth it.

anyway, this being a slouchy hat, i went to ravelry to see what else is out there and of course there are a ton of designs with the word “slouch” incorporated somehow. i keep going back to the hats and other knitwear i saw in girl with the dragon tattoo last week—i’m a little haunted by them, actually—so i thought to myself, maybe there is a swedish word i can use for the pattern name.

oh, is there ever swedish word alright
(and i think our good friend malin can guess what’s coming)

if you thought fartlek was fun, how about this one: slöfock

omigosh, how can i NOT use that??
i told kim already today that i’d do it for no other reason than to make her and kat carry on like the 10 year olds that they are.

sigh, life is so fun, isn’t it?

david bought a new and even better lumix camera for us to use for our videos and photo shoots, with the result that i keep using it for blog photos too, haha. i love my smaller, lesser camera for it’s portability, but wow, this one?? this takes awesome photos when i’m home to use it.

what we have here is a beautiful closeup of the woolen rabbit sporty kashmir i’m using for david’s new sweater, in colorway enchanted forest. it is such a gorgeous color, neither green nor brown but magically, both at the same time. and it just went live in kim’s store.

i’ve got the first sleeve knit almost to the underarm now; with another evening’s work, it will be off the needles. it’s going pretty quickly for a finer weight sweater in a man’s size.

the pebble tweed texture is really appealing for guys—not too heavy handed, yet still textured enough to read as rustic or rugged. it will have some minor cabled detailing as well.

ooops, david just came in to say that it’s time to go to the dentist, so i gotta fly—be back in a couple days with more!

we did it!

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i have been devoting all of my knitting time for the last few days to secret projects, so i have no new knitting i can show you.

BUT i do have great news to share about our red scarf fundraiser, where the december sales of the crazy quilt scarf pattern were collected and donated to foster care to success, administrators for the red scarf fund.

the final count is: 304 patterns
wow—what a number!

in fact, that number is so great that we realized we could round it up just a bit and split the proceeds between two programs. a portion was put into the red scarf fund, which provides emergency help for students who need help during unplanned life crises.

the remainder was placed in the sponsored scholarship fund, to establish a $2500 knitspot community scholarship; this amount will contribute to one student’s college education in the near future. the plan is to fund this scholarship on a yearly basis from sales of a specific pattern as we did this month, during the red scarf drive period. in this way, single, small purchases from every corner of our community can be accumulated to make a specific and palpable impact on a young person’s future (and our own). and hopefully it will only grow from here.

thank you all so very much for your enthusiastic support of this year’s fundraiser; i’m very excited about the possibility of many more such years to come and i hope you are as well.

happy, healthy new year to all; i’ll be back in a day or two with our regular knitting update.