oooh, shiny pretty

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we have a running gag in our ravelry clubhouse that one of these months, we will’ll get a pink pony. and look—i did get a pink pony! with sparkles too. haha, that cheryl; not only does she make amazing handspun yarn—she spun 550 skeins for the january shipment of our fall in full color club—but […]

and double YUM!

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while most of the time, i’m not a big fan of sweets, i usually dissolve into a puddle of helplessness over celebratory desserts. i think i actually like making them way more than i like eating them. last week was my birthday, but this week it’s barb’s birthday and as it happens, we have spinning […]


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o.m.g. i haven’t had german chocolate cake in years but this weekend was my birthday and when david asked what kind of cake he should bake, it hit me that this kind would be a nice change of pace. why yes, it does taste as good as it looks, thank you david! i had nice […]

favorite things

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i need time to get ready for taxes this weekend, so i thought i’d share a favorite book that came my way recently. the absolutely adorable extra yarn by mac bennett, illustrated by jon klassen is a sweet and simple story about the rewarding magic of giving hand knits. i just love the illustrations; they […]