scrumptious knits

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scrumptious knits by designer carol feller, is a slim collection of seven projects, all knit from fyberspates scrumptious yarn, a merino/silk blend available in a variety of weights. the ebook is available both on ravelry and on the designer’s site; patterns can also be purchased separately. the collection includes three sweaters that reflect carol’s keen […]

knitting in real time

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ahhh, i had the complete luxury to spend all day wednesday with needles in hand. i don’t think i even opened my laptop all day—i can’t remember the last time that happened. actually, i did put my knitting aside for a couple of hours to go for a long walk and take the dog for […]

Vintage Knitspot – School Sock

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I just finished socks for my husband Matt and they turned out lovely. They were a very belated 1st wedding anniversary gift (we were married Dec 31) that he received Easter morning. I knit them in our wedding colors and embroidered 1st on one of the legs. Matt adores the knit items I’ve created for […]

lucky green

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toby was nosing around my room yesterday afternoon and brought to my attention that i hadn’t yet shared my wonderfully green, L.J. Kaelms bag with you. this bag was sent to me a couple of weeks ago from jordana paige and i’ve been saving it to put through its paces during my april travel, so […]