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  This week I’m at Knitspot headquarters.  I can’t even explain to you how exciting it is to stay in a house with walls of yarn in almost every room. Can you believe how little is left of the Breakfast Blend Cocoa and Oatmeal? Yes, this is it! The yarn is flying out the door due […]

squish me

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upon my arrival in ohio from the west coast this morning, the first thing i wished for was a nice, warm hat—not only was it below 20 degrees outside, but the wind was a-blowin’. i immediately foraged in my bag for something to cover my ears, but came up wanting—i had  very rightly left this […]

desperately seeking sunshine

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while the weather here in southern california was a bit rocky during the first days of my visit, by tuesday, we were mostly back in business and i started the day with a nice long run. kim took this photos of me climbing the hill we call the butt burner, which she can see when […]