Stone Soup Fingering – New Colors!

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Look what arrived just in time for Fall – a big shipment of Stone Soup Fingering! We now have four colors available in this amazing blend of rambouillet, columbia, lincoln, navajo-churro, alpaca, silk, bamboo and tencel.









My wheels are turning about possibilities with this yarn, how about you? I’m thinking a Wussypillows Hat in this tweedy yarn would be exceptionally cute.


Or Scotty would be a smart choice too!


According to style experts, hats of just about any style are trending for Fall. We have LOTS of hat types to choose from here.

Another practical and stylish piece for this time of year is a lightweight scarf or wrap. When Anne and I were in New York a couple months ago we ran into melthomas on ravelry and she gushed over Stone Soup.


Shortly after, she turned her lovely Granite skeins into a fantastic Wheaten Wrap – a perfect accessory for Fall crisp air.


This would look great with a jean jacket, but also a cute accent to a simple solid-colored dress. Anne has many other lightweight scarf, wrap and shawl options here.

Since we have a few colors available now that make a lovely palette,

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I’m thinking colorwork might be in store for this yarn, and stripes are still hot this season.

Sheltie Triangle


really showcases the beauty of a natural palette and the texture of Stone Soup would give this triangle a nice rustic character.

We’ve only had the yarn on site for a couple days and it is flying out the door! What will you turn the new Stone Soup Fingering colors into?

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Craftsy Celebrates 2 Million Members

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A round of applause for Craftsy! In a very short time, they have grown to 2 million members who are striving to learn new crafting skills. I know I’ve benefited from Anne’s classes,

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but I’ve also added a lot of other designer’s classes to my  list. I even enrolled in a class about making the perfect pizza at home!

If you’ve been dying to learn something new, now is the time! Craftsy is celebrating their monumental success of 2 million members with a Saleabration.


Classes and supplies are on sale for up to 75% off now through 9/21! Fall is here and Craftsy has so many crafting techniques available – sewing, quilting, photography, cake decorating, jewelry, cooking, weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting. The best part? The classes are online so you can watch them over and over. Join now and let your creativity flow!

and now a word from our sponsored

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remember last december, when we created our second knitspot red scarf scholarship by selling the fall line scarf and cowl pattern? it was so exciting to watch the sales numbers rise for those last two weeks of december, passing the previous year’s number and heading ever upward as the year drew to a close.


what a grand way to end the year, huh? be assured that we will do that again this year!

but that’s not what i’m writing about today—today i’m pleased to bring you a follow-up on our 2012 effort. the scholarship is awarded near the end of the summer and this year, our friend tina at foster care to success has chosen a lovely candidate from washington state as our recipient. “our” student, brandy sent me this letter a while back, which promptly got lost somehow in email (oy, it happens once in a while, probably due to traveling). once it finally got to me last week, i made plans to post it here because as you know, the scholarship is from ALL of us. so without further ado, here’s brandy!

Dear Anne and Knitspot,
First off I would like to thank you very much for choosing me as the recipient of your very generous scholarship. This scholarship really means a lot to me, I know that it will really make the difference in my schooling and help further my education and the pursuit of my dream job. I have learned just how hard it is to find a scholarship at my age and schooling level. Most of the scholarships I have found are for seniors in high school or for ethnic minorities, both of which I am not. So I just wanted to say again thank you so much for this opportunity and that I am very grateful to you and your readers.
I just want to let you get to know me a little better through this letter and know what I will be doing in school over the next couple of years. I am from Washington State, and I will be attending Western Washington University in the fall. I will be studying Art History, Journalism and Psychology; these three subjects will help me on my journey to becoming a curator at a museum. I decided a couple of years ago that this job would be the one that is perfect for me because it combines all of the subjects I enjoyed the most in school together as well as my love of experiencing new things and places.
I have chosen to go to Western Washington University because it reminds me a lot of the place in Washington that I grew up, compared to the other major universities here in Washington it isn’t in the middle of a big city, and it has a lot of trees and wildlife that wanders freely. This town felt comfortable to me because it is mostly a college town and there are a lot of places for students to go and study in a quiet and safe place.
When I found out that I received this scholarship and whom I got it from I decided that I would check out your blog. I have always wanted to learn how to knit, I was taught how to crochet when I was fourteen but I haven’t done that in a long time so I don’t really remember how to do that anymore either. I have to say I loved a bunch of your pieces; some of those patterns look like they’d be really hard to make and take awhile to finish.
I’m so thankful to have received this scholarship opportunity from you, I really look forward to corresponding with you and getting to know you. Thank you so much for all that you’re doing for me. It really means so much.

i was so excited to receive and share this letter, letting you know just how meaningful your participation is. buying a single pattern back in december may have even slipped your mind, but your action still resonates in the result. so thank you very, VERY much.

it got me thinking about what i will design for THIS year’s red scarf scholarship event (i’ve got a few ideas i like!).

picture perfect weekend

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i took a quick trip to albany this weekend to visit my mom and to attend my 35th high school reunion—i haven’t been to one of those in a very long time. our class meets up very informally every year at a golf club, which makes it very relaxed and easy-going (haha, that’s our generation in a nutshell, i think).

i arrived on thursday evening and after dinner we watched movies while i knitted on a secret project.


i have several going right now which i need to make progress on, so all i have with me are things i can’t show you. which does not make for the best blog fodder.


fortunately, my mom is much more entertaining; she’s got all sorts of projects going on. for instance her flowering plants which grow beautifully for her every year. even those old impatiens are plugging away


we thought it was the end of the line for them, after 50 years of propagating from the ancestors of the original plants. my mom’s cuttings were completely wiped out when some sort of blight or fungus took all of them down. fortunately a neighbor  had been rooting them successfully a few houses down.


she also likes to bake a LOT. and since she isn’t going to eat it all, she looks for opportunities to make goodies for others. like irish soda bread that she “just threw together quick” for someone this morning.

we spent some time yesterday afternoon getting a start on sorting the boxes of family photos she has. we are so lucky to have had a family that loved the camera! they didn’t even own one, but they recorded many big events and fun daily moments throughout the last century.


i love this set of photos; these are my grandfather’s parents, who gave him these photos when he left italy in 1920 at age sixteen. on the backs are inscriptions in the hand of each parent


my grandpa only saw his parents once again before they died; he and my grandma took my mom across the ocean for a visit in 1932.


my parents’ wedding pictures are also among my favorites; these mid-century studio portraits are just exquisitely styled, shot, and printed in rich black and white.

there are a ton of snapshots too, from picnics, parties, graduations, and days at the beach. we have a lot to go through and lots of blurry, out of focus pictures can really be disposed of at this point. sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

i won’t add the photo i took home from the reunion—it turned out a bit blurry. it was a small gathering—but then, we were a small class. and i was the only woman from our class to show up. but it was a fun evening and i’m really glad i attended; it turns out that several of us have taken up (or rediscovered) running in the last couple of years so we chatted about that, among other things. i think we should do a 5k together some time, haha. hopefully i’ll be able to get back here for future class gatherings as well.

tomorrow i head back home; i’ll be traveling all day again. but i do have some good news to leave you with—we have winners for the carol feller book giveaway.

the digital copy from carol will go to our friend judi

and i decided to also give away my print version of the book; this copy goes to jerriF

congratulations to the winners; i hope you both enjoy your new books. and many thanks to carol feller for making the giveaway possible!