wake and eddy

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oooh, it’s fall and october and rhinebeck time. and when it’s rhinebeck time, it’s time to get together with good friends—like sweet jen from spirit trail fiberworks. when jen asks me to design with her yarn, i can’t say no—i love it all so much. it’s a bit of a tradition to create something new each […]


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I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this cardi. Months ago, we sent Jen Hagan skeins of various Bare Naked Wools to swatch and explore. Breakfast Blend DK immediately struck her fancy. She told me, “I knew right away I wanted to swatch some cables with it. The wool/alpaca blend is perfect for cables. […]

it’s that (fine, fine) time again

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yesterday i was running my usual circuit of nearby neighborhoods as a break from desktop madness, when two young dear nonchalantly crossed the street just in front of me, as they grazed from one yard to another. the stillness of that street and their quietude instantly made me drop my shoulders and take a deep breath. this is why […]

boilermaker and mass transit

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some things—and some people—are just destined to be paired. what’s good on its own is suddenly great when the other is in the mix. it’s like that with my friend chris from briar rose—we’re not attached at the hip, but whenever we work together, it feels like magic is in the mix. this time, it’s a bevy of delicious […]