Designer Spotlight: Meet Kirsten Kapur

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Hi guys!  It’s Laura again. A couple of weeks ago I introduced you guys to Rich Esnor.  What an inspiration, huh?   That Designer Spotlight Post really got me thinking about how I was personally inspired to become a knitter.  Or even more so, how I continually find ways to become inspired.  Undoubtedly, it led […]

faithful and frozen

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i am being SUCH a good knitter, not getting distracted by new upstart projects that pop into my head at 11:37 pm. it’s taking a hurculean effort, what with all the new yarn arrivals testing me daily, but i’m managing to keep my head; it really helps that to fondly the yarn to the point of […]

groundhog day

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hehe, you know that movie, right? where the guy keeps waking up to the same day over and over? when i looked over the photos i have for today’s post, i sorta felt like i’d be doing that to you. and then i realized that it actually is groundhog day. oops—sorry for the coincidence. so yes, again today we […]