no place like home

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i know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s home to me. haha, actually, it almost looks like i live in a nursing home, doesn’t it? oh well, i still miss it when i’m gone for a while. sorry for the extra time between posts, it’s always a little rush-rush when i get back form […]

moths and all

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after just a couple of days on the ground in ohio, it was off again for me on thursday, this time to albuquerque, NM. before i left though, a small clutch of our daffodils, finally gave it up for my sake—just look at them! i’m not sure how everything fared in my absence, but i’m […]

While Anne’s Away We Will Play…

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Hi guys!  <She says with a smug look on her face> We’ve clearly been up to no good… As you guys know, Anne spent a lovely week in NYC.  She knitted in solace, away from all of us.  And though she checked in, we could tell… she loves us… but it’s great to plan a […]

so close

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one week later, it’s definitely spring—one day up and one day down; you can’t predict. on friday, the daffodils were ready to burst open at the slightest nudge from mother nature, though it wasn’t to be that day. i met up at lunchtime with cathy and agnes (we missed you nancy!) to kick off the holiday weekend, […]