for mother’s day or any day

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something new has been brewing across the street and i’ve been anxiously waiting for its opening day unveiling to share with you. finally last monday a sign went up that said, “pleasantry garden opens friday”. and though bret was still adding final touches at 7 am, he was ready for customers at 9 o’clock sharp andi ran […]

the ravell’d sleeve

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whenever i’ve been on a big push to meet a project deadline, it takes me a day or two to climb out of the black hole i got sucked into, adjust my eyes, and refocus on a normal work pace. my two new sweaters sat on a far corner of our big communal dining table for a couple of […]


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hard to believe that just a few days ago the garden looked like this—flowers with buds shuttered tight against the chill and warnings of frost at night. then, a magical weekend with temperatures rising by the hour and voilá! suddenly every tulip in the front bed popped open and we have a veritable forest of […]


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like i said the other day, i will always gravitate to clothing with more of “guy” look, but occasionally something dressier is required and when that is the case, i like to have even more control over my comfort. nothing cheats the requirement to dress up like a garment knit with soft, elegant luxury yarn, whether […]