sunday is rest day

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in some alternate universe, this is how my sunday morning should have looked. i planned well ahead that it would anyway, in the kitchen til well after midnight on saturday getting all the garden produce cooked and stored so that i had nothing to do on sunday morning but knit and go for a run. a quick […]

oooh, pretty shiny

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nothing makes me happier than seeing guests settle in and really relax in our home. we all work hard, you know? it’s so good to spend time  just enjoying each other’s company once in a while. when we were planning katharine’s visit in the previous weeks, i offered up a number of “activities” we could do […]


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even though i joke among peers for being “hopeless hostess”—forever forgetting to offer drinks or get dinner on the table before midnight—we love having friends come to stay in our home. and as long as they can get comfortable with the pace that things move around here most days, i think they like it here, too. so when my […]