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We are busy prepping for two June shows at Knitspot headquarters. Planning, photographing, printing, packing…

First, we are sponsoring Ravelry Revelry at Squam on June 8 (info here). This is a big party celebrating the retreat’s fifth anniversary and we are super excited to be a part of it. Anne will be discussing the process of developing the yarn line Bare Naked Wools and afterwards at the Squam Art Fair, attendees and the public will be able to peruse her artisan yarns in the BNWs booth. This is the first time BNWs will be available for purchase at a public event!

Second, we will have space in the Deep South Fibers booth at TNNA June 22-24 . This show is for yarn shop owners to peruse all the hot new items in the fiber world and make purchases for their Fall/Winter season. We will be showcasing Knitspot patterns and sample garments with our wholesale pattern distributor Deep South Fibers.

So while planning, photographing, printing, packing…David had an idea. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a word cloud graphic representing Knitspot? If you’re not familiar,

it’s a way to visualize free form text. David thought it would be cool to compile words representing Knitspot, that came from our customer base.

I have a favor to ask. I would love for you to comment below in one word (or a few more),

“what do you love about Knitspot?”

David will gather all of the words and create a word cloud graphic, in the shape of an olive, that represents Knitspot – patterns, blog, yarns, gardening, cooking, etc. This graphic will be printed on a poster and used in Knitspot booths. Isn’t that fantastic!?

Will you be part of the project?

197 thoughts on “One Word

  1. My one word is “Stunning” because I am never disappointed at the creativity and continue to be surprised with each new design (and David’s great photography) and with Knitspot as a whole!

  2. When I think of knitspot I have 3 words which spring immediately to mind. The first word that comes to mind is ‘smart’. Patterns that have ‘smart’ ideas. A better approach, a dual purpose detail, fiber behavior perfectly paired with design. There is something so thoughtful about Anne’s designs. The second word I always think of is ‘Bridge’. She brings ideas, whether old lace patterns or new fiber blends, into a thoughtful, accessible, up to date interpretation. She bridges traditional knitting ideas & patterns with good tailoring and construction with thoughts of our modern lives. And in that spirit I think ‘education’. knitspot really does an exceptional job at writing instruction, too often taken for granted. I have never felt anything knitspot puts out as inaccessible or above my skill level, or out of my league. This includes not only knitting but learning about the industry and other knitspot pursuits such as fiber, gardening, running, and of course eating. Knitspot classes, events, and now these video classes make aspirational ideas become reality. Very powerful stuff. I like my olives stuffed. 😉
    THANK YOU KNITSPOT! You enrich my life!

  3. Inspiring –

    Knitspot inspires me in so many ways – not just knitting, but cooking and gardening and running.

  4. I don’t have time (now–I’ll do it later) to read all the other responses to see if this has already been mentioned, but my word would be “organic.”

    PS wouldn’t it be great to use the graphic on tote bags?

  5. Design

    I love so many things about Knitspot – the garden, the cooking, the fibers – but when I think of knitspot what first comes to mind are the beautiful designs for the patterns. I also have absolute trust in Anne’s recommendations for fibers, and have added many beautiful yarns to my stash because of her fiber discussions on this blog. So, yes – Design and inspiration for sure.

  6. Beautiful lace patterns with instructions that are complete and accurate, making for an enjoyable knit and finished product!

  7. educational

    Oh wait, just one? Sorry David, couldn’t do it.

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