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for me, there’s no place like the northeast during thanksgiving season; the terrain, the light, the “oldness” of everything sets just the right mood for me at this time of year. i always enjoy our fall visit home.

we put the final touches on our packing after one last spinning class wednesday night.

anne marie brought along her recently-completed skeins of DK 2-ply, spun from briar rose BFL fiber. she ended up with about 1000 yards from her 16-ounce bump, enough to make a vest or maybe a smaller sweater. it has a beautiful sheen, doesn’t it?

thursday morning we were up early and headed out by 9 am. the weather was good and we listened to most of my life in france, by julia child, while we drove. it made me long for traveling again.

i drove on the first half of the trip and knit for the second half. i got pretty far into the new STR sock i showed you the other day, far enough that we can now see what it is

i’m knitting the holidazed sock that i designed for the rockin’ sock club last year. a number of people emailed to ask me how to get the pattern at that time, but it was exclusive to the club for a year. now, tina has released the pattern in her shop at the blue moon site, so anyone can buy it. since i could use some new socks, i thought i’d knit up a pair for myself with a rare gems (one-of-a-kind) skein of STR that gail sent me last winter.

well, these knit up so fast that i even surprised myself—by the time we got to albany i was past the heel. we arrived at my mom’s early enough for dinner and more knitting afterward.

the big news is, my mom has taken up her needles again after a number of years away from knitting—my youngest nephew, arjun, has cajoled her into knitting an afghan for him (how much do we love that kid??).

she’s knitting the same pattern that MY grandma knit for arjun’s mom (my sister), when she was about his age. pretty cool, right? i’ll show you more of it as the week progresses. my mom didn’t intend to finish it for christmas, but we figured out that if she continues to knit at the same rate she has been, she just might have it done by then (and now that she’s finished the dan brown book she was reading, she’ll have more time for knitting).

i worked on my cornrows hat that evening and completed the bottom part and some of the top shaping. i need to locate the DPNs i thought i packed to finish it up; i was too lazy to look for them, so i started on another matching mitten.

friday afternoon we headed up to williamstown, driving through troy and eastern new york state to massachusetts. by the time david dropped me off at the hotel, i was shaping the toe of my sock.

i finished up during the evening show-n-tell session of the retreat.
if you’re looking for a quick, fun sock pattern for gifting, or need to replenish your own supply of practical, warm socks, this pair is a good bet.

once i dropped my bags in my room, i found chris and we got to work setting up the booth after a quick lunch. chris shipped some boxes ahead and i brought some stuff by car, and together we ended up with a pretty, cozy corner of gorgeous, yarny love.

i wish you could see it in person—there’s nothing quite seeing like piles and piles of chris’s yarn in one place.

chris wants everyone to know that she’s sorry the briar rose online store is so bare at the moment, but after this trip, she plans to fill it up again with all sorts of goodies. and of course, you can always email her to discuss anything specific you need.

our booth is set up right next to clara’s book booth, where piles of her new book are waiting to be snapped up by eager shoppers.

the market area is quite small but has the very best vendors—more on that next time; i’ll get pictures of all of them this afternoon when the market is open.

after we got the booth settled, it was beer o’clock and we headed to the bar to join up with a few friends for drinks—chris and i like to imbibe in a nice beer together now and then. we opted for a couple of tall glasses of the local seasonal brew, cabin fever, from the new holland brewing company. yu-um.
we were soon joined by ann budd, who quickly doubled the entertainment quotient at our table. we decided she has to come to more of these events . . .

after dinner, it was time for everyone to gather in one big group for the first time

it’s a big group and a wonderful one as well. the mike was passed all around as each person made introductions and said a little bit about what they’ve knit this year (many participants have attended this retreat multiple times, some have been here every year!).

i was sort of a bad blogger today; it was hard to remember to use my camera. i promise to have more photos of knitters, teachers, yarn, and group events tomorrow.

now, it’s time for me to get ready to teach my class—sweater fitness. i can’t wait.

20 thoughts on “mass gathering

  1. It looks fun.

    Oh, and I found the picture of Anne Marie’s spinning useful – I’ve save this post so I can remember how she’s labeled the skein – Thanks.

  2. Oh, how fun!! I love seeing Chris’ booth all set up; it makes me homesick 😉 I wish I were there… I’m glad you guys had such a good trip up, it sounds great (isn’t that book fun?). The sock is gorgeous, and the spun-up BFL that you posted a picture of is amazing; I really need to get back to my wheel! Have fun with your classes, give Chris a hug for me, and have an extra beer for me, too 😉

  3. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time and got a lot done during the drive. Your opening photo is peaceful. I hope the rest of your trip is just as peaceful.

  4. Glad you are having a great time, I too,love the cold Fall days of the Northeast..
    My husband, send his thanks for tasting the local brew..that is favorite part of placces we travel..
    Have fun..

  5. I have three times seen piles and piles of Chris’s yarn in one place and I agree–there is nothing like it. Tell her that Jody with the gray hair says hi! I’m getting close on the Katharine Hepburn sweater in Grandma’s Blessing. It is so pretty. Have a fantastic time! I’m just taking a cleaning break to check a couple of things online-then it’s back to vacuuming. Wish I was there!

  6. How fun that looks! Plus a beutiful setting; it can’t be beat. Wish I was there!! Off to buy the Holidaze pattern……

  7. Anne – You and David live a wonderful life. It’s so beautiful to follow your adventures. This trip looks like great fun. I hope it was a huge success. Happy knitting.

  8. Welcome back to the East Coast! The weather has been lovely the past few days. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. The afghan your mom is knitting is exactly the same as the one my mom finished for my daughter a couple of months ago! Sadly, it will probably be the last one my mom is able to finish. Hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat. New England is great year-round, but having been born in Nov, I really love it this time of year.

  10. Beautiful post, Anne! I love the cornrows hat – can’t wait for the pattern, and I hope there might be a matching scarf too. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. My life in France was a wonderful book! I read right before bed and that book gave me the best dreams (and a hungry tummy). How wonderful that you mother is knitting again. I had to do a double take though, my son’s name is Arjuna and I’ve never known anyone in the US to share it. Have fun at your retreat!!

  12. New Holland has FABU beer, we had some a beer tasting and fell in love with it! If you have a chance, try the Dragon’s Milk – ooh la la (just don’t try to knit afterwards! lol)

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