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this morning, instead of doing bookkeeping, christmas shopping, or (heaven forbid) cleaning something, i joined debby and susie for some saturday morning knitting. it’s been absolutely ages since we got together and we needed to catch up. i brought along my red scarf, which was almost halfway, figuring it was the perfect project to accompany a good chat (we did, at least, talk about christmas shopping and cleaning . . .).

i ended up staying at susie’s for over four hours and by the time i left, my scarf measured sixty inches. i could stop there, but i think i’ll knit a couple more safety inches tonight before i bind off and weave the ends in. yay.

i was trying hard to have it done and packed to go out in monday’s mail; that way, it will arrive at its destination in time for the december 15th deadline. but now, i’m toying with the idea of knitting another. we’ll see; i’ve sorta fallen behind on my regular work, which i can’t afford to do, but i might be able to pull another scarf out of the bag to go in that box, if i hold off mailing til the 11th. they are kind-of addictive . . .

on the other hand, stopping now means i can get back to work on some of the (numerous) WIPs that are hanging around.

besides the henley sweater, which is going swimmingly now, i have quite a bit done on the first sleeve of david’s fatigue sweater.

david’s sleeves are bigger around than mine, but shorter (chalk up another point in his favor), so they go pretty fast. i knit this part while i was in albany and needed something to do between projects, and it’s been sitting in its tote bag ever since. it would be pretty nice to finish the sweater for christmas. i think i can, if i buckle down and get going.

and i’m working my way through my corrected cornrows hat. i’m just doing a couple of repeats at a time on this, in between more major stuff. since i have my ghirlande hat to wear, it’s not such an emergency that i finish it quickly.

speaking of which, i think i’ve finally found a hat shape that i like for myself; i’ve been test-driving my new beret and i love it. they are a great use for a single skein of sport-weight luxury yarn—warm, light, soft stuff that won’t drag off my head from too much weight. and the shape adds a little volume up top, where i could use it. i think i’ll try to knit a couple more little berets before winter is over.

last night i snuck in some swatching with my handspun lace yarn for the new shawl—i had to give in to the urge. it was just a first attempt; i want to re-do it this evening. but i think i finally figured out a composition i like. i just need a nice little edging . . .

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  1. I love the red scarf. What is the pattern? I’ve scrolled back thru your previous posts, but can’t seem to find it. Perhaps one of the other blog readers can help point me toward a source.

  2. Oh, I love the scarf. Knitting one for next year is on my things to do list.
    I’m starting my last Christmas project that has to be finished the morning of the 18th. Yikes. I’d love to give the “I’m sorry, I can’t come to work today as I have to knit” excuse. LOL

  3. I’m on my second red scarf. I think that’s all I’ll have time for and get it in the mail on time.

    My Maplewing yarn is hanging to dry. I have a vibrant orange and a darker burnt orange. Choosing will not be easy, but I plan to cast on tomorrow. I enabled one of my customers, and she bought the pattern too! 🙂

  4. I, too love the red scarf and would like to know where I can get the pattern. Is it one of your patterns?
    I find your work very beautiful and an inspiration for my newly learned knitting skills.

  5. Working on a shawl? Sounds addicting. Looking forward for the pics. My knit group handed me three scarves with the promise of more next week. I bought more yarn (on sale!) for next year’s offerings and am busily finishing another. Wonderful project, but next year, I’ll get them done earlier. My Christmas knitting is giving me a baleful look from the basket near my chair!

  6. Hi Anne,

    Will you be posting the red scarf pattern in the Knitspot pattern shop soon? or did I miss it?

    many thanks

  7. I’m so excited! I received my Honey Bee yarn from Kim at The Woolen Rabbit in the Victorian Hydrangea colorway. It is just so rich and luminous and perfect for the upcoming birth of my friend’s baby. Gender not known yet. Voila! Love the red scarf too!

  8. LOVE the red scarf!!! Is it one of your patterns – if not, where to find it???
    Best to you – all of your work is so beautiful!!!

  9. Yup, I’ve been knitting away – on multiple WIPs of course, so there’s no actual, tangible progress on ANY of them – instead of shopping. Cooking is also good, heh.

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