cable redux

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i ripped the cable back and am reworking the part i did wrong. i didn’t have to pull the whole thing out, thank heavens. i think that really truly i am on my way with it now. and yes, debbie, for the time being, i have re-dedicated myself to reading this, and all patterns, more carefully (eyes rolling). will ya stop with the comments now? sheesh.

i have been reading Yarn Harlot’s book here and there. i think this would be a good book for teachers to recommend to students.

it is full of helpful tips that one picks up over a lifetime of knitting, that you might never find in a knitting “how-to” book. this book is more akin to one of those handy household hints books, that tell you how to mend things on the fly, make fifty cents stretch to a dollar, and serve it all up with style. sometimes a purely technical book is not enough for new knitters; they need reassurance and encouragement to solve problems on their own, go with their instincts, and try new things.
i also like the recipes; often one finds oneself between projects with one or two balls of yarn and no inspiration. that’s a good time to cast on socks, a scarf, or a hat to get ahead on the end-of-year gift stash. with this book, you will not have to look for a pattern to fit a particular yarn; the recipes are very general and can be changed to suit what you have around the house. this is a very practical (and of course funny!) book for anyone to have.

elsewhere, i have been spinning and plying. look at this scrumptious plumbrown yarn

i like. some of it is sock weight and some is closer to DK. and i still have some more of this fiber to spin. BTW, spin-off magazine has a good article in the new issue about spinning sock yarn. also some really nice scarves.
i took a break from the plum and went to the irish wool:

now, hollie’s wool is usually coarse, but this one is very soft and fine; must be lamb. i know the color is a little garish, but being green dyed over brown wool, i think it will wash up nice; maybe losing some of that color. though, once it’s spun, it really doesn’t look so . . . green. make that greeny.

2 thoughts on “cable redux

  1. I really like the plumbrown yarn. And the green really isn’t bad (at least in that pic).

    Oh hey, is it possible to spin a sock yarn with both wool and nylon? Or is that something that you can only get with commercial sock yarn? (I think I asked this question before, but I’m not sure if you answered it — if you did, then sorry — I’m forgetful.)

  2. I actually love the green it looks sooo pretty it would look reaaly good with some mauve or even all by it’s self…..

    I keep meaning to check out that book i should o it soon….


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