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while it’s not  quite time to push the panic button on holiday knitting and resort entirely to projects that knit themselves, we have hit that point on the calendar where we need kick up our efficiency quotient.


to that end, a super-quick, almost-mindless project is worth its weight in gold—something you can work on while standing in line, commuting, waiting for pasta to boil, or when you’re too tired to think about knitting anything more complicated.


not only will you be getting another gift off the needles—and a fabulous, hand knit one at that—but those wasteful, anxiety producing moments are suddenly transformed into “me time”. and productive me time, at that; don’t be surprised if you start to look forward to it.


here’s yet another knit inspired by my recent trip to comfort, texas—this time a super-quick cowl/infinity/scarf project. as i was packing the night before, i realized i didn’t have a mindless project to bring—something i could knit amid the myriad distractions of airport lounges and social knitting groups.


i remembered a really easy stitch pattern i’d swatched at one time that drew lots of interest on the blog, so i dug out my notes (locating them was the hardest part of the whole project), wound up a skein of our newly-arrived confection worsted, threw some big needles in the bag and zipped it all into my travel tote.


once i was past security and settled into my chair, i did a few calculations based on my swatch and then cast on. i worked on the hem until they called my flight. once on board i switched to a more complicated project, but i continued to pick up and put down the cowl knitting throughout the weekend, finishing up the bind off in the outgoing airport lounge during a departure delay (providing entertainment for several other passengers as well).


and there you have it—a totally smooshable, finished gift, knit with scraps of time that would likely be wasted otherwise.


what knitter doesn’t love that??


more importantly, what recipient wouldn’t love this?


shown above, the large cowl in bare naked wools stone soup DK, with a bold, two-tone approach pairing the slate and marble shades. our breakfast blend DK would knit to the same gauge and provide several other color options—or go for three shades; the pattern is nothing if not easily adaptable. sarah is wearing danger around the neck of her bloch ness cardigan, knit in our kent DK

shown below, the small cowl in bare naked wools confection, color white chocolate paired with the scotty hat in stone soup fingering yarn.
BTW, the pattern includes instructions for several sizes and for two yarn weights—if you prefer something more delicate or live a in a more temperate climate, fingering weight stone soup or breakfast blend might be more suitable.


david and sarah are putting together kits that should be going up in the shop really soon (maybe by the time you read this; look for them in our kit department which we are gradually fill in up with goodies).

another note—YES there will be a blanket and wrap pattern to match, yay. we’ll get that out in the next post, for the weekend, ok? something to rest up with after a big day of black friday shopping. and by then, you’ll be all done with one of these cowls, won’t you?


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please
click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase the pattern in our ravelry pattern shop.


kudos to anne c. who knit the two-tone for sarah as well as that gorgeous sweater; we’re very lucky she is sarah’s mom . . .


4 thoughts on “danger

  1. wheeee perfect for my son’s replacement scarf!
    am chained to my stove right now in preparation for thanksgiving but first thing friday morning i’ll be starting this very cool pattern!

  2. Totally unlike me, cuz I like the infinity versions more usually, but I loooove love the smaller one. Would buy the pattern immediately but I already have too much to knit right now… and I know I wouldn’t be able to resist this!

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