we heart small business

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over the nearly seven years that knitspot has been open for business, i’ve had the immense honor and pleasure of working with—literally—hundreds of other artisans who are also small business owners, many of them one-person operations.

this gallery of photos represents just a handful of the brave, creative, interesting, and entertaining entrepreneurs who rock our little corner of the world. i couldn’t locate photos of everyone that should be here, but it doesn’t mean i’m not thinking of them today—so many more have touched my life, knitting and otherwise.

thank you for supporting small business.

21 thoughts on “we heart small business

  1. great post Anne. it makes my heart smile to see pictures of all these talented people who share my love of all things yarny.

  2. So many recognizable faces (thanks, in part, to Knitspot Clubs!). Thank you, Anne, for YOUR work in getting these wonderful artists introduced to so many of us.

  3. Thank you for opening up a world of fiber that I would never have seen….after all, I probably wasn’t going to get to Mongolia any time soon;). All of the yarns and patterns have been lovely. Looking forward to another DD year.

  4. What an awesome post. It feels good to be a knitter knowing that I am connected with so very many artisans who impact my daily life.

  5. This post is such a glorious reminder of the community that is knitting. I am moved and delighted. Thank you, Anne!

  6. Love seeing this post and thinking of all wonderful artists and amazingly hard working people I have been introduced to through you. I am thinking of how empty my creative life would be without the dedication and artistry of all of these people, including you!
    So I will grab your coat tails and say THANK YOU ALL!

  7. It makes my heart happy to see all these fiber artists in one spot! I think my favorite was seeing Chris of Briar Rose!! Thanks for the collage of small business owners on this Small Business Shopping Day!!

  8. Thanks Anne for introducing us to so many of these lovely artists. We would be sadly unenlightened about them if it wasn’t for your education and connections. What a super group of friends you have!

  9. I’ll add my thanks to all the other for introducing us to all these wonderful, creative, talented, and in some cases 4-legged, folks. My fiber world would be incomplete without them and you!

  10. Thank you so much for including me among so many of my “sheroes” and heroes of the fiber community. It was such a pleasure meeting you this year. I only hope that our paths will once again cross in the, hopefully, near future.
    Wishing you and David a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!

  11. What a fantastic post, Anne. Love seeing the smiling faces that enrich our knitting lives thanks to your connection with them.

  12. What a wonderful, affirming post! Please do remember how important YOU are to the mix. Thank you for all you (and David) have done, and will continue to do for the knitting world. I’m in awe of your gifts, energy, and accomplishments, not to mention that you come across as one of the nicest people around!

  13. I love the small arts community. Knitters, Tatters, Spinners, Weavers, Dyers, Ceramists, Crocheters, Embroiderers, Quilters, Bobbin Lacers, Needle Lacers, Sewers, Painters, and so many more.

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