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i can hardly believe it’s friday again already; another week seems to have slipped through my fingers. i feel as if i didn’t get very much done this week (but i did keep up my posts; i guess that’s something). i still have two finished shawls sitting here that need to be blocked. i didn’t get much further on my cabled sweater. what the hell have i been up to?

let’s see . . . stash diving, flitting from one thing to another being unsatisfied . . .

i started a new shawl, of course; nothing chases away the feeling that things aren’t getting done, like starting something new! i’m using this beautiful alpaca i bought in france, when we went on an extended trip in 2001.

i’ve been knitting with a lot of nice alpaca in the last few years, but i forgot how really nice this yarn is; ya gotta hand it to the french. this stuff is even softer than i remembered; i’m so glad i went stash diving this week and decided to use it, finally.

i also started a new pair of sox for david from some of that romney tweed i spun a couple of weeks ago

and made some visible progress on my hollySox

ok, so, it’s not much. these sox are a barometer of how much work i had this week. they sit on my desk and i knit a little in between things. as you can see, there has not been much in between time.

i DID, however, finish my trekking sox

i meant to try the big toe shaping that persnickety knitter does, but i forgot! i will definitely do that on the hollySox when i get to the toes (sometime next year?).

the thing is, i have a toe shape that works pretty well for my own big toes

it’s not asymmetrical though. i decrease normally (at the sides of the toe area) to the point where you would usually do the kitchener stitch. then i continue to decrease on EVERY following row. it makes a “pointier” toe that fits really well. here is one on my foot

see,no extra fabric! but i’m stil gonna try the new way. i just HAVE to, now that i know it’s there.

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  1. Um, wow — that’s a really pointy foot 😉 I’m guessing it’s just the angle of the photo, but still…

    That shawl you’ve started looks lovely. Is it your own pattern? I’ve noticed that you seem to knit a lot of shawls. Do you actually wear them a lot? I’ve knit only 1 shawl so far, but I’ve never worn it. I’d like to wear it, but I guess I just never find the right situation.

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